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Focus on low power bluetooth with sensors, like accelerometer, temperature, relative humidity, barometer,air quality monitor, etc

A technical team specializing in the R&D and production of BLE products. Keep offering the global customers with reliable and affordable products with a complete set of technical support, better serve your business

Low power is the core of IoT

In 2012, we began to get in touch with low-power Bluetooth and realize that this technology would eventually occupy the huge market of the Internet of things. Then we started R&D tracking products for personal items. Later Apple Inc. released iBeacon technology, and we strengthened the importance of low-power Bluetooth. After so many years of development. We are becoming more and more professional in BLE technology.

Our team can do it all specially for you

We are technical team specializing in the R&D and production of low-power Bluetooth products, and provides customized services for software, mobile applications, firmware and hardware products. Better services to help you finish the project quickly and effectivly.








Open API


BLE makes everything networkly

The use of low-power Bluetooth is necessary. As we all know, the cost of human resources is getting higher and higher. Wireless makes it simple to deploy the products. However, power consumption has always been the biggest obstacle to wireless promotion. The emergence of low-power Bluetooth makes it possible. A coin battery can work for 2 years, 3 years, 5 years, or even longer. No need to change the battery frequently makes everything so easy.


We are professional in Low-Power Bluetooth

We have eight years of R&D experience in low-power Bluetooth field. In these eight years, having experienced many setbacks, we become more and more professional. And we have customized various types of Bluetooth products to meet the needs of different applications. Many of them have added corresponding sensors according to customers' needs. Sensors include temperature and humidity, acceleration, air quality, infrared detection and so on. We are very professional in dealing with low power consumption. Even if many sensors are added, they can work for a long time with very low power consumption.


Our BLE Tool APP "CheckBlue"

Checkblue is a fully open Bluwtooth low-power tool application running on IOS systems, and Android version is under development now. With checkblue, you can test any low-power Bluetooth product without restrictions. Checkblue supports reading and writing the characteristics. Besides, the application supports Meeblue Beacon by providing webpages for parameters configuration. After the configuration is completed, the corresponding data can be directly exported for mass production. What's more, we customize some functions in Checkblue for Meeblue temperature and humidity beacon. It can collect the temperature and humidity data at the interval of every minute, display and synchronize the historical Temp/RH data of the last two months.

Choose us to customize your unique and valuable product

A creative and professional supplier is very crucial for your project running. We will provide you great surprises and long options for competitive products to save your time and money.


Professional hardware design

Our hardware engineers have over 10 years of working experience in RF field, and can design very stable products with excellent performance. At the same time, we have professional instruments to carry out strict quality inspection on products during research and development process and mass production.


Experienced firmware engineering

Our firmware engineers have been engaging in R&D of BLE products over 8 years. They have very rich experience in low-power processing and performance control. Now, the number of products they developed in the market has exceeded 950,000, and they are highly praised by customers for helping customers deal with many tough problems.


Efficient production and strict quality control

Each product needs to undergo at least three tests from production to delivery, circuit test for PCB, power consumption test for PCBA, and signal and information transmission test for assembled product. All product is checked one by one. Our complex testing process is to ensure that every product is stable and power consumption meets the standard.


Parameters configuration and logo printing services

We can provide data configuration, label services, customized packaging, so that each device can be unique from the factory. In addition, we also provide ODM and OEM service, like logo printing or PCB design etc.


Sensor Beacon M52-SA

The M52-SA is a high-performance product that integrates a variety of sensors with the NRF52832 Bluetooth Low-Power Chip, which features higher sensitivity, lower power consumption and Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. This is a very comprehensive product. We define this product more as a software development kit, we hope that users will use this development kit to develop products belonging to their own application scenarios.In the future we will reduce the components on this version to make the cost and performance to the fullest extent. At present, this product is equipped with temperature & humidity sensor, accelerometer, LED and button.


Tag Beacon M52-MA

The M52-MA is based on NRF52810 low-power Bluetooth chip and equipped with a high-sensitivity acceleration sensor, which enables it to sense the movement state and the inclination state of objects. NRF52810 has extremely low power consumption without any degradation in performance and supports the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol to improve the efficiency and reliability of data transmission. This model can be used for asset management, personnel positioning, etc. The push-button performs well and motion sensor can detect very slight movements, and even a slight shake of the table can be detected. In addition, this model has an IP67 rating, totally waterresistant for swimming.

Our Four-Values



Simple design, easy to use.



Outstanding functions to solve practical problems.


Team work

Make the most of everyone in the team.


One Orientation

Customer-centric and provide better services.


Our Story

Meeblue Team is composed of a group of innovative and passionate young people. Engineers are with years' working experience in the bluetooth low energy development, wifi network building and GPS development, have very precise insight upon the trend of bluetooth low energy system. Also sales team are highly efficient with more than 10 years global trading experience, making sure customers to get a satisfied experience in the global business transactions. Besides, with the advantage of basing in Shenzhen China and over 1000 square meters factory coverage, Meeblue is able to offer customers good quality product by highly efficient production lines at a lower labor cost.