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Who we are

Meeblue is the technology leader in location solutions based on Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and dedicated to the consumer electronics world. Our success in BLE sensors and solutions is built on a remarkable team driven by passion, innovation and flexibility.


We are passionate

About improving people's lifestyle and well-being through the BLE technology – again and again, every day. We understand users' needs and customers' requirements. Find out more about the applications we make possible for locate, smart homes and the IoT.


We create innovative sensing solutions

Which enable consumer electronic devices to sense the world around us. Discover our BLE&Sensor portfolio to learn more about our Bluetooth low energy systems (BLE) products.


We are flexible

In everything we do to globally support our customers. Have a look at our blogs to get more answers to your questions about BLE sensors and our diverse sensing solutions and to accelerate your projects.


We are a highly motivated team

Of visionaries, strategists, techies, troubleshooters and creators that forms the basis for our success in bluetooth low energy systems (BLE) and solutions. Learn more about our people and our working environment at blogs.

Our Company

Meeblue is a creative technology design and development company based in Shenzhen China. Having developed a variety of smart bluetooth solutions across different industries, we are devoted to IOT solutions and indoor navigation flied. We are focused on R&D and manufacture mobile Internet technology products, including hardware production, firmware building, software development and electronics engineering.

Meeblue Team is composed of a group of innovative and passionate young people. Engineers are with years' working experience in the bluetooth low energy development, wifi network building and GPS development, have very precise insight upon the trend of bluetooth low energy system. Also sales team are highly efficient with more than 10 years global trading experience, making sure customers to get a satisfied experience in the global business transactions. Besides, with the advantage of basing in Shenzhen China and over 1000 square meters factory coverage, Meeblue is able to offer customers good quality product by highly efficient production lines at a lower labor cost.

From 2012 to 2020, we use Bluetooth low energy to build a complete indoor navigation system, making the Proximity Beacon devices work with WIFI and support iBeacon & Eddystone protocols. During that time, we integrate a series of smart sensors on the BLE device to solve certain concerns in our daily life and these smart bluetooth sensor devices are widely used as smart home facilities.

In The Future

Our mission is to offer customers with completed Bluetooth low energy solutions in both software and hardware by providing efficient and affordable service in potential areas. In the future, we will involve more technology to our solutions. What we do is all about supporting customers'needs and make life smarter. We are open for any idea that will help us to get closer to the mission. Global wide partner cooperation is highly welcomed.





They "hardware is easy for us. Our hardware engineers have over 10 years of working experience in RF field, and can design very stable products with excellent performance. At the same time, we have professional instruments to carry out strict quality inspection on products during research and development process and mass production.



Our firmware engineers have been engaging in R&D of BLE products over 8 years. SPI, I2C, UART and other hardware communication methods are very easy for them to handle. They have very rich experience in low-power processing and performance control. Now, the number of products they developed in the market has exceeded 950,000, and they are highly praised by customers for helping customers deal with many tough problems



Our software engineers are good at IOS and Android development. They have extensive experience in data optimization and processing. The system does not freeze. In addition, as we all know, Android's Java language is very inefficient, so we use C or C ++ to provide effective data processing through JNI. It's easy for us because out software engineers is also the firmware engineers which make firmware and software work fit perfectly.


Open API

All our products are provided with open interface of the firmware, so that users no need to rely on the software SDK we provide. In addition, we also provide some software examples to speed up the development process. At the same time, we can also help users solve problems that may be encountered on the software.

Great Partners

This is an era of cooperation. We seek for more partners and look forward to your joining.