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Mult function beacon M52-SA

The M52-SA is a high-performance product that integrates a variety of sensors with the NRF52832 Bluetooth Low-Power Chip, which features higher sensitivity, lower power consumption and Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. At the same time, this model is compatible with NRF52810 chip. This is a very comprehensive product.

We define this product more as a software development kit, we hope that users will use this development kit to develop products belonging to their own application scenarios. Maybe you will not use all the functions on this product, but you can use this R & D kit to develop your own App or some other embedded applications. you can reduce the components on this version to make the cost and performance to the fullest extent. At present, this product is equipped with temperature & humidity sensor, accelerometer, LED and button.

Main features:

  • Working in low-power mode.
  • High-performance real-time clock, the error within the entire battery life cycle does not exceed 1 second.
  • In sleep mode at the factory to save more power.
  • The customer activates automatically when receiving the goods without manual activation, saving current consumption on the way.
  • More convenient to activate the product by pressing button.
  • 5 different broadcast data to choose from.
  • Broadcast iBeacon and Eddystone data simultaneously.
  • Broadcast two fully user-defined data simultaneously.
  • Broadcast intervals can be adjusted from 100ms-10.24s, with 0.625ms as the unit.
  • The transmit power can be adjusted.
  • Large-capacity storage space.
  • Broadcast by Button, INT1, INT2 trigger.
  • It has high-sensitivity motion detection and the intensity can be adjusted by itself.
  • Can get Mult-Info such as battery voltage from broadcast data in Non-Connectable Mode.
  • Ultra wide range transmission power: 4dBm— -40dBm.
  • Fast security OTA available.
  • Compatible with BLE.
  • High performance and low power.
  • Built-in a coin battery (type: CR2450 / CR2477).
  • All hardware interface completely open. Developers do not need to rely on the SDK for development. The requirement of hardware interface can be customized (achieved a certain number).

M52-SA can choose to carry CR2450 or CR2477 button batteries. When two different batteries are used, the external dimensions of the product are 43.7 * 43.7 * 11.5mm and 43.7 * 43.7 * 13.4mm.

M52-SA is suitable for many occasions. For Beacon, it not only supports the current mainstream iBeacon and Eddystone protocols, but also supports our well-defined data format. It can easily manage the device while having the Beacon function. Whether it is positioning or item management, personnel control, Geo-Location is a very good choice. At the same time, the CR2477 battery can be equipped with a very long life. Based on the default broadcast interval of 852.5ms, it can be used continuously for more than 5 years. At the same time, in order to meet the higher broadcast rate, the model can easily replace the battery while ensuring the waterproof rating of IP68. It also supports a three-color light that can be used to display status and other information. Looking forward to your choice, we will continue to improve ourselves to better serve you.

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