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0.1 meters accuracy UWB indoor positioning system

The UWB kits consists of two parts. The first part is UWB Tag, which we call UWB Node, and the second part is UWB Gateway, which is used to measure the distance from Node. At the same time, the measured distance is uploaded to the server for positioning calculation.


UWB tag and UWB gateway is designed for precise indoor positioning with 0.1m accuracy, this system is a network of devices used to locate people or objects where GPS and other satellite technologies lack precision or fail entirely, such as inside multistory buildings, airports, alleys, parking garages, and underground locations. This has broad applications in commercial, military, retail, and inventory tracking industries.

Working Functional Diagram:


Indoor Location Services

You can use UWB tag and UWB gateway for indoor location in large indoor scenarios such as large supermarkets, airports, hotels, museums and convention centers. Specifically, in large supermarkets with complex layouts, users can find the location of products of interest; in large shopping malls, users can also find the stores and entertainment venues they want to visit, in the meantime, the merchant can target their advertising to users and provide personalized marketing; in museums or convention centers, indoor positioning can also provide convenient location navigation services.


People and item management

UWB tag and UWB gateway can provide indoor positioning monitoring service for special people, such as students, patients, prisoners, and so on. To be specific, it can provide students' arrival situation for their parents; it can provide check-in service for company employees; it can provide prisoner activity reporting for prisons; it can set up electronic fences for kindergartens to provide real-time monitoring. At the same time, UWB tag and UWB gateway can also provide positioning service and location record of goods for warehousing.


Big Data Analytics

You can use UWB tag and UWB gateway to record users' activity footprints and perform big data analysis on this data to link users' locations with their behaviors. Therefore, the analysis of indoor positioning data has great commercial value and application prospects. For example, the analysis of consumer activities in a shopping mall can analyze the frequency and duration of consumers' patronage to a certain store, so as to derive consumers' interests and preferences as well as store hotness, which can provide powerful help for business analysis.


Virtual Geofencing

You can use UWB tag and UWB gateway to set up virtual fences in key areas. Once people, goods and materials or equipment enter or leave an area without authorization, the system immediately warns and guarantees security. It is mainly used for prevent loss of people, post management, material control, etc.


intelligent transportation

UWB tag and UWB gateway can be used for navigation for vehicles in the parking lot and also solves the problem of finding cars in large and complex underground parking lots

How to use

For UWB tag: you just need to activate it by long pressing the button on the tag.

For UWB gateway, you just need to configure WiFi and server through the tool app we provide, then UWB gateway will upload distance data to your server via WiFi. Then you can use the graphic overlap method to calculate the area where the UWB tag is located.

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