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Meeblue Proximity Alert Beacons for COVID-19 Social Distance Alarm

During COVID-19 epidemic, people are easily get infected if they get too close especially less than 6 feet/2 meters during daily communication. They may not feel it and even may not looks like ill during the first 2 weeks after got infected. Doing a COVID-19 test is costive, keeping a safe distance is most effective and economic way to avoid epidemic spreading.


Meeblue Solution

To solve this, Meeblue designed a smart wearable Proximity Alert Beacon to monitor the distance between each device and send alert by LED and high decibel sound once the distance between others is less than 6 feet/2 meters.

This is a Device to Device solution.

Each device will make LED and sound alert independently when they are closed to another device. No need for smart phones. No need for charge.


About the Product

It is a bluetooth beacon, able to scan and locate other Meeblue devices. It will light up and make a sound alarm when detecting another beacon in the range of 2 meters. It can store 34,304 records data of other Meeblue alert beacon that it scanned in the range of 2 meters. With this function, it can cover about 60 days' data if they closed 500 person per day. The record information contains the time stamp and device ID.


About Usage Time

Alert Beacon has two working states, one is in sleep state, in this state, the standby power consumption is very low, can be stored for many years. The other state is in working mode. If it has been in normal use state, a button battery can continue to work for about 6 months. The specific use depends on the number of alarms per day. If the number of alarms per day is very high, the corresponding use time will be shortened. At the same time, our products support the replacement of the battery while achieving the IP67 waterproof rating.



  • The safe distance can be defined by yourself based on various scenes, such as 1 meter, 1.5 meters, 2 meters etc.
  • We will provide you with IOS demo, and your party can make a mobile APP to download the IDs (Can also use ours "CheckBlue" App). Then you can figure out who are the people exactly contact.

How to Use it

The device is turned off during stock and shipping. When you get it, please turn on it first. The ON/OFF button is in the middle of the device.

  • Press the button for 3 seconds. The Blue LED will flicker for 3 seconds then it will be turned on.
  • Keep the product in your pocket or worn around your neck. It will alert by both light and sound when it detects another device in range of 6 feet/2 meters.
  • When you need to turn it off, just press the button for 3 seconds. The Blue LED will stay on for 3 seconds then it will be turned off.
  • When obstacles like human body or walls influence the signal distance, delays of sound/LED alert may occur.

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