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Bluetooth beacon with PIR sensor M52-PIR

M52-PIR is a new product that integrates a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor with the NRF52810 Bluetooth Low-Power Chip, which features high sensitivity and low power consumption.

Onboard PIR sensor is used to monitor the state if people enter the PIR area. Based on this function, you can develop corresponding applications for daily life to make life simpler. For example, you can use M52-PIR in restaurants to detect whether a seat is occupied or not. Or with the use of smart home, when someone comes into a room, the lights will automatically turn on, when people leave, the lights will automatically turn off, etc.

The detection range of PIR sensor is around 6 meters straight ahead of the sensor.

The Bluetooth broadcast range is around 100 meters.

Device parameters can be adjustable, like TX power, broadcast interval and so on.

We support firmware OTA through our tool app CheckBlue in IOS system. Also SDKs for IOS and Android are available.

Main Features

  • Compatible with BLE
  • High performance and work in low-power mode
  • Broadcast iBeacon and Eddystone data simultaneously
  • Broadcast two fully user-defined data simultaneously
  • Broadcast intervals can be adjusted
  • The transmit power can be adjusted
  • Can get information such as battery voltage from broadcast data
  • Accurate digital RSSI. Excellent link budget (up to 97dB).
  • Ultra wide range tx power: 4dBm— -40dBm.
  • Built-in a replaceable coin battery (type: CR2477).
  • Trigger broadcast by PIR Sensor
  • All hardware interface completely open. Developers do not need to rely on the SDK for development. The requirement of hardware interface can be customized (achieved a certain number)
  • Dust-proof
  • Tool App: CheckBlue
  • OTA available

The rich and versatile functions are only designed to serve your business. If this product can not meet your needs, we also provide customers with customized firmware and hardware services, all for better service.